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St. Patrick’s Day Flight Tickets

St Patrick’s Day Flights

Every year on March 17th, the entire world paints itself in the beautiful color of Green. Clovers are seen everywhere, accessorized on people on the roads, shops, homes and the entire streets. People drink, party, parade, and dance and sing every year in honor of the great patron of Ireland, St. Patrick. St. Patrick ministered the faiths and believes of Christianity to the people of Ireland. Ever since the death of the patron saint, Ireland and people of Irish ancestry have celebrated the day with all cultural and religious beliefs.

The streets all around the world involve themselves in the biggest showcase of parades, focused totally on the Irish traditions, its songs, and music. There are many formal and informal gatherings for dancing, and singing. People attire shamrocks, and clothe themselves in green. The festival is no less than any massive carnival. Irish whiskey, beer, corn beef, and cabbages are some of the few must-have foods and drinks to have on St. Patrick’s Day.

If we go by the facts then St. Patrick’s Day is the only festival in the world that is celebrated the most in common. About 35 million American residents belong to the Irish ancestries. Going by these statistics, 35 million would technically make eight times of Ireland’s population. So St. Patrick’s Day is pretty massively celebrated. It’s like Christmas, but it’s only at the beginning of the year.

How does one celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

  • First and the most important thing to do on this day to wear green. Make sure you accessorize yourself with a shamrock on it.
  • Prepare yourself to go wild and grab every invitation for gathering you have for this day
  • Sing and dance like there’s no tomorrow at the parades organized locally. But before that learn to do the Irish dance. Irish people have a distinct form of step dancing that makes their performance unique. During St. Patrick’s Day everybody shows off their Irish moves.
  • Cook corn beef and cabbage. Did you know that America alone consumes near about 28 million pounds of beef and 4 million pounds of cabbage on just St. Patrick’s Day? That’s another crazy St. Patrick’s statistics that is blowing everybody’s mind.
  • Dink Irish beer, coffee, whiskey, and stew. There’s nothing more traditional than drinking the best beer. Guinness beer being Ireland’s most favorite beer is something everyone prefers to drink.
  • Travel to Ireland or to your friends and family. There isn’t any other way to celebrate the occasion with friends and family or in the place where it all started. Experience the more authentic version of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland with traditional dance and music.

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