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About Dubai (DXB)

Dubai! Dubai! Dubai! What’s more exotic than this Emirati city? Located on the mesmerizing southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is known as the Global City. It stands in pride being the business center of the Middle East. Known for tall buildings, modern architecture and real estate, Dubai is the most expensive city in the country, attracting people in business, and tourists in abundance. Did you know that this beautiful city lies within the Arabian Desert? Interesting right? How about we learn a lot of other interesting stuff about Dubai and become confident in flying to Dubai?

Planning Your Dubai Trip

Dubai is a very sunny city. The temperature ranges between 75 °F in the daytime and 57 °F overnight. Another exciting element about Dubai is that the city is an earthquake and Tsunami proof, thanks to the Persian Gulf not being deep enough to trigger such natural calamity. Tourism contributes a lot to Dubai’s economy. It is because of the high-end tourism that the country has now become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The one thing that would warm your heart is the Emirati culture. The locals are grounded, family orientated with traditional beliefs. Hospitality is one of the most significant factors in Dubai cultures. Guests are treated no less than royals. The city is polite, humble, friendly and refreshing. The food in Dubai is something we should talk about. Despite being a Global City, Dubai as not let down its traditional cuisines. It’s one of the most critical factors of Emirati hospitality. Here are the few things you can try doing when in Dubai, but firstly let’s start with a food tour.

Food Tour Dubai

FareFerry suggests you try eating the following local dishes when in Dubai and trust us your stomach and mind is going to thank us. Luqaimat (dumpling with date sauce), Camel Biryani & Camel Burger, Samboosa (deep fried dumpling filled with meat and spices), Dates with Arabic Coffee, Babybel Croquettes, Margoogat (tomato stew) and Machboos (traditional rice).

Burj Khalifa

There isn’t any way you’d visit Dubai and not happen to see the tallest structure ever built by mankind. This 160 story skyscraper has an observation deck that offers the complete city view. There’s hotels, offices, parks, restaurants within the premises. Visit Burj Khalifa and witness the marvel yourself.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one iconic structure representing Dubai. It’s a luxurious boat-shaped hotel offering luxurious dining, spa, and private beach access. It is nothing but an icon of the first-class luxury that stands in pride as the beacon of contemporary Dubai.

Dubai Gold Souk

Souk means marketplace, and this is a traditional souk located in Deira. There are approximately 380 souks mostly dealing with jewelry. Gold, silver, and platinum all kind of jewelry could be found here. Nearby to the souk is also the famous Dubai Fish and Vegetable Market.

The Dubai Mall

This is the second largest mall in the world that includes approximately 1200 retail shops. The Dubai Mall for all apparent reasons also happens to be the most visited landmark on the planter with an annual footfall over 55 million. There is also the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo where lies near about 300 species of marine animals.

Al Fahidi Fort

This is the 18th-century fort which is now a museum. The museum now promotes the local history and cultural heritage through its one of a kind multimedia exhibition. It is colloquially known as the Dubai Museum and was established in the year 1971. Annual over 1 million visitors visit this beautiful structure.

Airport Transportation

The serving city airport is the Dubai International Airport (DXB). The airport is the hub for Emirates and flydubai. The annual footfall of passengers traveling through the Dubai International Airport is over 88 million. As per the passenger air traffic, the airport is the third busiest airport in the world. Terminal facilities at the airport are one of a class. There are world-class cuisines offered in the restaurants; high-end retail shopping outlets are also provided. Live music and entertainment are also one such standard facilities offered by the Dubai International Airport. Basic facilities such as the ATMs, currency exchange, lavatories are also available. To travel to and fro from the airport, the availability of public transportation is not a matter of any trouble. Dubai Metro operates every ten minutes from the Terminal One and Terminal Three. Tickets can be purchased from the airport stations. This is the most convenient and economical way to travel to the city. It is advisable to buy a Nol Card. Nol Card is the top card that could be used not just in the metro but also in buses and water taxis. Taxi services could be avail outside both the terminals. If you prefer the bus, note that there isn’t any direct bus that connects the airport to downtown Dubai. The nearest bus goes to the Satwa neighborhood.

Book Flight Tickets to Dubai

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Near By Cities To Dubai

Excited to visit Dubai soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Dubai awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Dubai, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Dubai journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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