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Venice Flights

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About Venice (VCE)

Venice is the most beautiful city on the north-eastern side of Italy. Situated across the cluster of 180 islands, Venice is connected by nearly 400 bridges. Venice is famous for its unique waterfront architecture and artwork, making this city one of a kind place to visit. Sharing major part in European history, especially during the Renaissance period, Venice is a famous destination for tourism not just in Italy but to the entire European nation. Venice is the ground for over 60,000 visitors per day because of the city’s richness is musical and artistic heritage. FareFerry gives you power for your Venice trip to have this city your way. Take a break and visit Venice because we at FareFerry have the best Venice flight deals you can explore before you get your holiday mood started.

Planning Your Venice Trip

Venice is our top favorite romantic city to travel to the continent of Europe. There is something romantic and passionate about the atmosphere of Venice that makes one fall in love with this Italian city. It’s filled with great history, art, architecture, culture, food, entertainment, and Italian traditions. It stands one hundred percent unique from all the other Italian cities, and there are so many reasons for it. The culture of Venice is one of a kind too. History says at the first settlers of the town were inhibitors escaping the invasions by the Roman Empire. Ever since then this settlement has become a real town with every beautiful in it. Right from the beginning, the people of Venice have inclined towards trade paving a considerable contribution to the development of the city. The culture of Venice is all about its serenity in everything, be it art or cuisine. Do not hold that thought of visiting the city and fly to Venice today.

Food Tour Venice

FareFerry suggests you try eating the following local favorite of Venice and witness some gastronomic explosion. Baccala Mantecato (creamed dried cod), Sarde in Saor (sweet and sour sardine fillets), Risotto al Nero di sepia (black squid risotto), Bigoli in salsa (pasta), Molech (deep fired crabs) and Fritole (deep fired pastry fritters). Trust us, Venice is not just about pizzas and pasta. There are so many other dishes that you could try. But first, you need to visit this city of the refined city today.

St Mark's Basilica

It is also known as the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark and is the city’s most visited tourist destination. This very cathedral plays an essential role in the study of Byzantine architecture on a global level. Peculiarly known for its golden mosaic, and opulent designs, the landmark is the status symbol of religious happening in the city. The basilica boosts its wealth and power with true Venice spirit.

Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace is a marvel when it comes to Gothic architecture. The palace once served as the residence of the Duke of Venice and currently is the museum. This is an exquisite palace worth visiting for. With fantastic art and genuinely beautiful historical facts, the Doge’s palace is one place that cannot go unvisited.


Take a guided tour to the fishing island outside the city and witness colorful houses, world-class seafood restaurants, and bar. This is a picturesque place to visit to experience the real Venice culture. Walk along the lagoons of Burano and try out local eateries that serve the best local seafood. If you are into seafood, then Burano is one place to gulp all the richness up.

Grand Canal

Grand Canal is a route in Venice, which forms the highest water traffic in the city and is 3.8 miles long. Lined with nearly 170 building headed from the 13th century Grand Canal tour shows you the real face of the city. There are also iconic landmarks to visit in this tour such as Palazzo Barbaro, Palazzo Barbarigo and many cathedrals and church. Grand Canal also gives you the knowledge about the neo-classical inspired city structure that you would love to learn if you are into history and architecture.

Piazza San Marco

This is the principal public square of the city of Venice making it the social, religious and political center of Venice. Unofficially calls the Drawing Room of Europe, Piazza San Marco is the city’s most urban space to stroll around. This is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit where you can see massive numbers of wonderful tourists clicking photographs and flock around.

Airport Transportation

The Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) is the nearest serving airport to the city of Venice. The airport is the focus city for easyJet and Volotea. Venice Marco Polo Airport serves as the fourth busiest airport in the country. Public transportations could be easily availed from the airport — car rentals services from the third floor of the parking zone P1. Kindly note that without visiting the car rental office, one cannot avail the service beforehand. Waterbuses services are available from the airport boathouse. The water transport service connects the islands of Lido, Murano, and Burano. The tickets for the same can be collected from the arrival hall. You can avail the bus facilities outside the arrival terminal — there many lines that connect the city with the airport through public buses. To avail train services from the airport, the taxi has to be taken or the city buses.

Book Flight Tickets to Venice

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Near By Cities To Venice

Excited to visit Venice soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Venice awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Venice, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Venice journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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