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Rio De Janeiro Flights

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About Rio De Janeiro (RIO)

Rio de Janeiro is the second most populated city in Brazil and is the capital city of Rio de Janeiro state and falls under the World Heritage Site for its beautiful landscapes, mountains, and sea.  This fantastic city was founded in the year 1565 and currently, is the second largest concerning the country’s GDP. Rio de Janeiro offers you breathe taking views, endless eating and shopping sites and the world famous twin beaches the Copacabana and Ipanema. Get lost in the paradise of this Brazilian heaven. Take a break and get lost in the unusually beautiful culture of Brazil. FareFerry has cheap Rio de Janeiro flights for you to explore to unravel this magical city like never before.

Planning Your Rio de Janeiro Trip

Rio de Janeiro has mountains, Rio de Janeiro has beaches, Rio de Janeiro has rainforests, and the best Rio de Janeiro has nightlife. It is here in this city that the streets dance with the perfect Brazilian tune and culture. The city has a dance, the city has music, it has the Copacabana beach, and it has the dream to boast the unique Brazil community to the entire world. One tip that you should know when visiting this amazing city is sunscreen. Yes! You have heard that right. The sunlight in this city is sharp, loud and harsh. Therefore it is advisable to be sensible and protect your skin from sun damages. And also do not be surprised if in case you find popcorns served with bacon. It’s just the way Rio people have to have their snack. The city has a very active beach life, and sports mean everything to the residents of this city. Surfing, football, circuit training, hiking, biking, and others, you name any, and Rio people are there fashion sports activities. Cariocas (native residents of Rio de Janeiro) the world’s most friendly people. They are exceptionally welcoming, warm and empathic. There are many factors to why Rio de Janeiro is the most elite city in Brazil. The beautiful beaches, lively culture and geographic beauty add so much value to the city. So in case you are planning to visit Rio de Janeiro, it is advisable to keep your hopes really high because nonetheless, the city is not going to disappoint you under any circumstances. Here are the few things you should do and visit when in this beautiful city.

Food Tour Rio de Janeiro

Take a guided tour and taste authentic Brazil. Picanha, Pastel, Coxinha, Kibbeh, Brigadieros da Escocia, cassava and many more are some of Brazil’s favorite food. Take the food tour and know about the city like never before through each mouth-watering bite.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is the world-famous statue of Jesus Christ and is the official face of the city. The status is an icon and the most visited destinations of the city. Weighing over 600 metric tonnes, Christ the Redeemer is located on the mountaintop of Tijuca Forest and is marked as the symbol of Christianity across the world.

Sugarloaf Mountain

This beautiful peak is located at the Guanabara Bay, Atlantic Ocean. The iconic peak rises 369ft from the ocean bed is a harbor to the city. This fantastic landscape is recognized for its panoramic view of the city and is maintained by the Sugarloaf Mountain and Urca Hill Natural Monument. There are cable cars with the capacity of 65 people to take you to the peak of the Sugarloaf Mountain.

Copacabana Beach

Located on the southern side of the city, Copacabana beach is the world most happening and famous beach. The beach is 2.5 miles long and is the ultimate place to have beach fun. Visit this amazing beach and get lost in with the over friendly tourist by playing volley-ball, relax and watch the beautiful ocean. There are also multiple shops, bars, and restaurants that you can try.

Maracana Stadium

This is the world famous football stadium owned by the state government. It was opened in the year in 1950. Maracana Stadium is the world’s largest soccer stadium. Holding the capacity of 200,000 spectators, this is one place to visit in the city to see some crowd mad about football.

Airport Transportation

Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport (RIO) is the nearest serving airport to the city. RIO is the hub for Gol Transportes Aereos and LATAM Brasil. Major airlines such as Aviance Brazil, Emirates, American Airlines, Air France, Alitalia and Copa Airlines operates frequently from the Rio de Janeiro airport. Taxis generally are available outside the arrival terminal. The bus services could be availed from the lower level of the arrival terminals. Route number 324 and 326 runs from Rio city centre to Galeao.

Book Flight Tickets to Rio de Janeiro

There isn’t anything about Rio de Janeiro that can contain the Brazilian excitement you have built. The best time to visit this Brazilian city is whenever you want because Rio de Janeiro is just perfect. Book flight tickets to Rio de Janeiro with FareFerry and expect but nothing the best price guarantee. By booking airline tickets with us, grab the best flight deals to Rio de Janeiro and attract yourself the best possible saving on flight tickets. To have extra savings benefits, it is always advisable to book tickets to any international destinations at least a month in advance. Obtain nothing but the best from FareFerry on all the Rio de Janeiro flight tickets.

Near By Cities To Rio De Janeiro

Excited to visit Rio De Janeiro soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Rio De Janeiro awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Rio De Janeiro, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Rio De Janeiro journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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