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Auckland Flights

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About Auckland (AKL)

This fascinating Oceania Country of New Zealand is one of the beautiful destinations surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. And one city, in particular, is Auckland, it may not be the capital city, but it sure feels like one. The city is sprawling with amazing tourist places each unique than the other with several historical sites, fantastic nature attractions, and lots of city hotspots. Auckland also highlights the shimmering ocean view, vibrant cultures and festivals, kaleidoscopic sky-kissing buildings, lovely, and stunning nature parks. To get to this enigmatic city, you can quickly make an airline reservation because Auckland is a beautiful city and the ideal to visit is throughout the year.

Planning Your Auckland Trip

Auckland is that kind of a city which offers a variety of things to do and see. So if you book cheap air tickets to this ideal hot destination in New Zealand, you’ll find everything suitable for the adventure enthusiast and even the soul searching travelers.

Auckland Sky Tower

Besides climbing the 328 meters high Auckland Sky Tower and getting a bird’s eye view of the city from the Observation Deck, this Sky Tower which pierces the sky is also a prominent landmark. This tower also features several other attractions like casinos and restaurants each providing a splendid view of the city from every angle. Since New Zealanders have a reputation of having a thrill-seeking soul, most of the attractions are equipped with adventurous activities. And the Sky Tower is not left alone. The top of the tower features various activities like Sky Walk platform and the notable sky jump.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

This imposing structure featuring several historical collections is the War Memorial Museum. This grand structure is built in a neoclassical style of architecture dating back to 1929, and it is dedicated to the New Zealand soldiers who fought during the infamous World War I. You can find a wide range of historical artifacts related to the wars and also the city’s natural heritage. One of the highlights here is the 1836’s 25-meter-long canoe, and it also features 14th-century old Maori gateway.

One Tree Hill

To get spell bounded by the scenic natural wonder of Auckland, a visit to the One Tree Hill is a definite. A gentle oasis not far from the bustling city offers a peaceful refuge for the locals and tourist alike. Auckland stunning parkland has well-maintained paths that surround the park, it also provides a photogenic landscape with lovely rolling hills, beautiful meadows, and green slopes, with cute animals grazing grass. The best features in the park are the volcanic cone located atop the hill and the memorial dedicated to the Maori people.

Airport Transportation

To get to the city in New Zealand, you can book international flight tickets to Auckland Airport (AKL) which is located at a distance of approximately 19 miles from the city center. Since this city is famous and has charming tourist sites, tons of vacationers come here on the daily with various passenger airline carriers like Air China, American Airlines, Emirates, Fiji Airways, Korean Air, Hong Kong Airlines, Qatar Airways, and the airline keeps adding. The airport also has a convenient ground transport like SkyBus express which operates between terminals. 380 Airporter is also a convenient transport that connects to the suburbs of Onehunga and Manukau City. You can also find a heavy railway that connects to various parts of the city.

Book Flight Tickets to Auckland

Auckland is such a rejuvenating harbor-side city with amusing ambiance and interesting tourist places. You can travel to this city any time of the year and soak up the cultural vibe and unwind at the outdoor attractions. This stunning city which is also called the “City of Sails” is a city unlike any other. And if you also want to get wonderstruck by the city’s appeal, you’ll have to look for the cheap travel deals with FareFerry and fly here. We provide you with amazing flight deals to several exotic and renowned cities across the globe. Right from the moment you choose us as your travel source, we will take care of your every need. So, escape to this Oceanic city of Auckland and have a rejuvenating vacation.

Near By Cities To Auckland

Excited to visit Auckland soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Auckland awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Auckland, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Auckland journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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