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Amsterdam (Unravel in the Venice of the north)

Known as the Venice of the north, Amsterdam is one of the most popular and beautiful cities in Europe. This city certainly has a reputation with travelers. The city is quite popular among youngsters who flock there for a variety of reasons. With very lax laws on marijuana and it being sold openly in Coffee shops is something which you can only see in Amsterdam, but that’s not the only thing unique about this magnificent city. The city has a marvelous architecture and a system of canals built in the 17th century which is the best way to explore and marvel in the beauty of this city. There are different types of tours for every kind of traveler. With museums like, The Rijksmuseum, housing the work of legendary Vincent Van Gogh, to the Anne frank museum. The city also has a large number of parks as well, Vondelpark being the largest of them all. The park is built on 120 acres of land with a plethora of activities taking place all year round.



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