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Tel Aviv

Fly From New York To Tel Aviv

Depart Date - 05 Nov, 2022

Return Date - 16 Nov, 2022

Fare* $646.00

Tel Aviv

Fly From Chicago To Tel Aviv

Depart Date - 27 Nov, 2022

Return Date - 08 Dec, 2022

Fare* $698.00

Tel Aviv

Fly From Houston To Tel Aviv

Depart Date - 17 Feb, 2023

Return Date - 03 Mar, 2023

Fare* $729.00

Tel Aviv

Fly From San Francisco To Tel Aviv

Depart Date - 07 Mar, 2023

Return Date - 17 Mar, 2023

Fare* $788.00

Tel Aviv

Fly From Washington To Tel Aviv

Depart Date - 04 Nov, 2022

Return Date - 11 Nov, 2022

Fare* $891.00

Tel Aviv

Fly From Los Angeles To Tel Aviv

Depart Date - 23 Oct, 2022

Return Date - 28 Oct, 2022

Fare* $1212.00

Tel Aviv

Fly From Dallas To Tel Aviv

Depart Date - 18 Oct, 2022

Return Date - 28 Oct, 2022

Fare* $1486.00

Disclaimer* : All fares are quoted in USD. These fares are based on historical data and Might differ.Same fares cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

About Tel Aviv (TLV)

Tel Aviv in Hebrew means The Hills of the springs. It is the second largest city of Jerusalem and is the nerve of technology and financial advancements of the country. Being home to many embassies, Tel Aviv is tagged as a global city in terms of the Global Financial Centers Index. Also nicknamed as the Party Capital, Tel Aviv has a 24hours nightlife, a culture that is very energetic and lively. Tel Aviv also has a lot of beaches, amazing Israeli heritage, street foods, restaurants, museums and much more to see. Like we already said Tel Aviv definitely is going to be your very personal entertainer. Did you know Tel Aviv is the Manhattan of the Mediterranean? So it’s pretty obvious that Tel Aviv is going to be your very personal entertainer. Check out Tel Aviv flights and Tel Aviv flight deals at FareFerry and explore this beautiful city of Israel like never before.

Planning Your Tel Aviv Trip

Tel Aviv is hot during summers and there’s no way we are going to sugar-coat the fact about this city. But trust us, summer does not hamper even a bit of tourism. This young city is filled with clubs, restaurants, gyms, art center and concert halls that is going to excite your outdoor plans. Local of Tel Aviv are very friendly and extremely open. So do not fear to ask anything about their food or culture. Here are few places you have to visit when in Tel Aviv.

Levinsky Market

There isn’t a better way to start exploring Tel Aviv than to the first step inside the Levinsky Market, which is the cultural heart of Tel Aviv. It is the perfect spot to shop amazing Middle Eastern spices and fresh produce and share a lot of the migration history of the Jewish people. It is said that during the year of 1930 the Jews were settling down to Tel Aviv’s neighborhood the Florentin and that made way to the establishment of the Levinsky Market where Balkan spices, spice stalls, shops, and cuisines attract every tourist visiting Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem Beach

In the center of Tel Aviv lies the most energetic and beautiful Jerusalem beach, giving the tourist a perfect place to relax, walk and swim. The beach is very family friendly and clean where multiple water sports activities take place. There are multiple street food vendors and restaurants that you can try after relaxing on the beach for a while.

Old City

This is a historic old city with one of a kind viewpoint offering excellent bars and restaurants. This also serves as the marketplace to shop indie arts, antiques, spices, jewelry and much more. Gaining popularity for brewing local wines and world-class seafood to eat, Old City should definitely be on your evening list to roam around Tel Aviv.

Independence Hall Museum

It is the place where the State of Israel originated and also the first Hebrew speaking the Tel Aviv itself. The museum is dedicated to the Israeli Declaration of Independence and also Tel Aviv’s history. The top floor of the building has a special bible museum solely dedicated to serving the purpose of exhibiting the artistic work of the biblical world.

St. Peter’s Church

This is a Franciscan church in Tel Aviv and was built in the year 1654 dedicating it to St. Peter. The church is made of bricks and is tagged as the most distinctive building of the city. The prayers are conducted in four languages. The church is the religious center of the people of Jaffa because of its higher rate of Christian believers.

Airport Transportation

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) is the official international airport to the city of Tel Aviv. The TV is the hub for Arkia, Israir Airlines, and El Al. At the exit of gate number 21 and 23 public transportations could be readily founded. The train stations start from the S level located at Terminal 3. Taxi stands are available right from the beginning of the sidewalk. Bus services called Superbus, Metropoline and Egged service line buses could also be found outside the Terminal 3.

Book Flight Tickets to Tel Aviv

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Near By Cities To Tel Aviv

Excited to visit Tel Aviv soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Tel Aviv awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Tel Aviv journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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