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Monterrey Flights

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About Monterrey (MTY)

Mexico’s wealthiest and industrialized cities, Monterrey is a thriving and westernized destination to travel this season. The city boasts of several tourist attractions like museums, and amusement parks along with amazing nature escape like the national parks. The city has a jaw-dropping sight of the scenic mountain peaks like the Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain) and Cerro de la Mitra (Mitra Mountain). A visit to this beautiful city won’t let you down, and you can get the best airfare deals with FareFerry and fly to this mesmerizing destination where nature and ultra-modern city lives side by side. Come here and soak in the lovely ambiance and frolic amid the picturesque patios, narrow alleys, and numerous public squares.

Planning Your Monterrey Trip

Monterrey is a stunning city in Mexico that is thriving with numerous curious travelers who needs an excuse to travel the world and delve into different cultures. You can book cheap airline tickets here and wander along the various interesting sites. Some of the top-notch are.

The Macroplaza

The Macroplaza is a charming public square and an ideal place to begin a tour of Monterrey. This site is conveniently close to a majority of the important attractions, and some within walking distance. The Macroplaza was built during the 1980s, and it encompasses several other plazas and monuments and also lovely gardens that draw many people to come and linger all day. One of the most noticeable attractions here is the 70-meter-high Lighthouse of Commerce which is also called as Faro del Comercio. This massive structure is particularly impressive during the night when green laser shoots across the city. The sandstone Government Palace also known as Palacio de Gobierno is a worthy site to see. It consists of a lovely colonial patio with the al fresco decorated apartments and a series of artifacts. Some of the artifacts include the guns dating back to 1867.

MARCO: The Museum of Contemporary Art

MARCO: The Museum of Contemporary Art was first opened to the public during the year 1991, and ever since it has been the talk of the town. This museum is located on Gran Plaza, and it is a must-see attraction even if you are not a fan of art. But for those who have a keen interest in the Mexican art, looks like you’ve just won a jackpot. The museum contains many exhibits including the traveling exhibits and temporary exhibits. In addition to this, the permanent exhibitions have tons of extensive collection of modern art that have been collected from across the country. It highlights over eleven galleries that display a series of paintings, sculptures, and art installations by some of the famous Latin American artists. The building itself is an excellent work of art featuring a sculpture garden and a fascinating courtyard with mirror fountain.

Fundidora Park and the Santa Lucia Riverwalk

One of the popular places that are zealously enjoyed by many travelers and even locals is the Fundidora Park and the Santa Lucia Riverwalk. The name says it all; it consists of lovely attractions like the man-made river stretching from more than one mile across the city and connecting the Macroplaza to Fundidora Park. You can come here for a peaceful walk in the evening and get to see the stunning sunset. Here, you’ll also discover many sculptures like a stone landmark or cairn and the Canadian Inukshuk. It also features fabulous fountains and various other architectural highlights. This park is a fun place to visit with family and experience the riverwalk which traverses the Fundidora Park. Fundidora Park and the Santa Lucia Riverwalk also has tons of attractions for kids which includes the playground, Sesame Street Park, and an ice rink. It also has a CONARTE art center.

Airport Transportation

You can book cheap flight tickets to Monterrey International Airport (MTY) which is located approximately 22 miles from the city center of Monterrey. This major airport that serves the city receives many popular airlines such as Aeroméxico, American Eagle, Calafia Airlines, United Express, VivaAerobus to name a few. These airlines serve to both domestic and international destinations across America. The city also has convenient public transports which help passengers travel across the city from the airport. You can also avail car rentals if you wish to explore the city at your convenience and even take a pre-paid taxi service to your designated hotel.

Book Flight Tickets to Monterrey

Monterrey is a city where nature and concrete landmarks reside in harmony. The city nestled in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León is blooming with tons of tourist attractions surrounded by hefty mountains overlooking the Palacio del Obispado. A stunning Baroque palace which also consists of a regional museum. So, if you are planning to visit Monterrey this season, you can book international flight tickets with FareFerry. FareFerry provides amazing deals and helps make your vacation one of the most memorable. You can opt for the first class flights as we provide you with a comfortable price to end a number of destinations both international and domestic.

Near By Cities To Monterrey

Excited to visit Monterrey soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Monterrey awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Monterrey, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Monterrey journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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