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Fly From Atlanta To Cairo

Depart Date - 08 Oct, 2023

Return Date - 08 Nov, 2023

Fare* $891.00

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About Cairo (CAI)

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is the largest metropolitan city in the entire continent of Africa. Known for being one of the oldest civilization, Cairo was founded way back in the year of 969 CE. Filled with culture, art, monuments, and entertainment the city is considered as the World City. Cairo is a fantastic city to witness and explore the real culture of Egypt. Only because the tourist loves Cairo, FareFerry suggests you pack your bags without any delay and fly to the city of mummies. With FareFerry book your Cairo flights without any hassle and get the best deals on your flights to Cairo.

Planning Your Cairo Trip

What comes to mind when you think about Cairo? Nile River? Pyramids? Deserts? If all these begin to your mind, then congratulations, you have finally made your mind to visit this fantastic city. Cairo literally means “the Conqueror” and the name is derived from the Arabic word al-Qahirah. Cairo has a nickname, and that is called the “Mother of the World”. With animated neighborhoods, museums, gardens, shops, restaurants and other commercial landmarks to visit, Cairo is going to show nothing but a true Egyptian history, with a present context.

Giza pyramid complex

This is a world-famous archaeological site located on the Giza plateau in the city of Cairo. This ancient monument has three magnificent pyramids aligned with utmost symmetry. It is also listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Being the only one of a kind ancient structure of existence, the pyramid complex has many cemeteries and work complexes within. Interesting fact about the pyramid complex is that the replica of the monument cannot be recreated because the modern world still hasn’t necessarily worked on how such a complex structure was made with no technology what so ever.

Egyptian Museum

Locally known as the Museum of Cairo or the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, this unique landmark is a museum, of ancient Egyptian artifacts. There are nearly twelve thousands displays that have been openly exhibited for the public. It is one attraction in Egypt that cannot be missed because this is one place for all the Egypt culture buff to see all its items from the past. There are mummies, sarcophagus, papyrus in scripted documents and much more to make you get curious about the Egyptian civilization.

Khan el-Khalili

It is the major marketplace of Cairo that holds a historical significance. Locally known as the souk, it means a place of commerce. Khan el-Khalili is one of the most critical visited destinations in Cairo where tourist can shop souvenirs, potpourris, dates, perfumes and many other things that glorify the culture of Cairo. The best part about the place is the aromatic smell of Egyptian coffee sold at the local coffee house, giving you the best possible marketing experience.

Cairo Citadel

It is a sumptuous bastille in the city of Cairo that was built during the Ayyubid dynasty. It was once known for this fresh air surrounding the castle. There are three essential prayer grounds called a mosque within the fortress. The three are Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Al-Nasir Muhammad, and Mosque of Sulayman Pasha. The structure also as three museums namely Al-Gawhara Palace, Carriage Museum, Egyptian Military museum.

Pyramid of Djoser

This is a stepped pyramid that has a fascinating fact. Pyramid of Djsor is the only pyramid where all the daughters of the eleven ruling kings of Egypt were buried. Many believe firmly that this set the footstone as the pyramid building era of Egypt. This ancient complex has many such facts that you could ask on a guided tour. This is one large ceremonial structures that every tourist has to visit.

Airport Transportation

The international airport assigned to the city of Cairo is the Cairo International Airport (CAI). It is the busiest airport in Egypt, the second most active in Africa and is a hub to many Egyptian airlines such as EgyptAir, EgyptAir Express and Nile Air. There are three terminals and one hall in the airport connecting essential destinations around the world with ease. Local public transportations are found abundant in Cairo. The rapid transit system serving the city is the Cairo Metro. The Metro connects the major suburbs of the town. However, Cairo Metro does not join the Cairo International Airport. But there are taxis, buses and shuttle services operating well from the airport. There is intercity bus outside the terminal taking passengers to Alexandria. The shuttle services run in the intervals of thirty minutes. Outside the arrival terminal, taxis are readily available. Car rental offices are open at the airport. One could choose the car rental services of their choice based on their preference. Airport facilities such as money exchange, ATMs, fast-food restaurants, coffee chains, duty-free shops, gift retailers, bookstores and fabric shops are provided for the passengers traveling or passing through Cairo International Airport.

Book Flight Tickets to Cairo

An Egypt vacation is every history lover’s dream come true. The mysterious city of Cairo awaits your arrival to unveil itself ancient historical facts. Grab the golden opportunity to appreciate the monuments that have contributed to world history. FareFerry is striving to offer you special deals on Cairo flights. With us save money on all international tickets to Cairo. Booking with us not just ensures that you keep the money, but you also get an opportunity to add extra on your travel budget. Let’s get your Egypt trip started with our low-cost airline tickets to Cairo. FareFerry is all up to help you book cheap airplane tickets to spend quality time during your vacation. FareFerry allows you to search our endless list of airlines on Cairo flights.

Near By Cities To Cairo

Excited to visit Cairo soon? We are thrilled ourselves. Cairo awaits your arrival. In case you have sometime left to spare when in the vibrant city of Cairo, we suggest you try visiting the nearby places too. This would just help you add the buzz to your Cairo journey. Indulge in some more fun, culture, people and food..

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